Hi, I'm Reno Frazzitta.
Do you have the 6 essential ingredients for success in your retirement?

Do you have the 6 key ingredients for success in your retirement?

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The 7 Steps To Retiring With More Certainty, Even In A Declining Market.

A declining market is bad enough, but the REAL risk if you're retired is more serious...and it's barely ever talked about.

When you think about retirement, do you ever wonder:
"How do I get it all figured out?"

There are 6 key ingredients to a healthy retirement.  Applying them can give you financial security... and self-permission to live abundantly.

Risk Awareness and Management

Have you identified if market risk, inflation, longevity and sequence of returns risk, among others will affect you?  They may be big threats that need to be dealt with in advance.

Efficiency Everywhere

Have a plan of action for things like tax-efficiency, knowing which retirement accounts to draw from first (and why), and utilizing investments that efficiently manage costs and risks.

Clear and Realistic Goals

Do you have a vision of what you want once you retire?  It should be clearly articulated and realistic with respect to your level of income and retirement assets.


It's all about the income.  Whether it's through optimizing Social Security and pension, or generating income through investments and annuities, your income should be both adequate and sustainable.


Nothing's entirely predictable.  But it's important to know where you're headed and the likely outcomes.  Will you run out of money?  If so, around what age?  How will changes in tax law, healthcare or inflation affect you? 

Evaluation Over Time

You need to have check points periodically.  Were your assumptions realistic?  Are you still on track?  Were there any changes in the markets, taxes or your budget?  Any of these could be reason enough to make tweaks or change course.

​​​​These 6 essential ingredients combine to form the word RECIPE

Together, they comprise The Retirement RECIPE for living.

I'm Reno Frazzitta, founder of Smart Money Financial Advisors.  As a Certified Financial Planner and fiduciary advisor, my passion is sharing common-sense approaches and ideas around retirement.

My team and I work directly with people approaching or already in retirement with at least $500k in financial assets.  

I believe retirement is a time to live abundantly.  Smelling the roses. Being present. Living in the moment.  Regardless of how you say it, it's a state of mind only possible in the absence of financial stress.

We help people implement the 6 parts of 
The Retirement RECIPEso they can be better equipped to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

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7 Steps To Retiring With More Certainty, Even In A Declining Market

A declining market is serious enough. But the REAL risk if you're retired is much more serious and barely ever talked about.

Learn about Sequence of Returns Risk and how to overcome it in this easy-to-read book.

​​​The Retirement Readiness Scorecard

Anyone can just "retire".  But can you be confident, knowing you've applied all of the key elements for success?

This 8-point checklist will help you determine your level of readiness.

Consumer Awareness Guide To Fixed & Fixed Index Annuities

WARNING: Do not buy an annuity until you read this consumer awareness guide.

The guide will walk you through the important things to know to help you avoid making a mistake.

The Collaborative Blueprint

The Collaborative Blueprint is our planning process for helping you implement the 6 parts of The Retirement RECIPE, so you can have more clarity, stability and abundance.

It's designed to address and overcome multiple issues, like the unique investment risks that you're vulnerable to during retirement, creating a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy from your retirement accounts and getting a better handle around making your money last, to name a few.

As the name suggests, it's collaborative.  That means you're involved and working with us each step of the way.   With that involvement comes a better understanding and a higher level of confidence around your overall retirement.

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