With retirement comes a unique set of risks.

retirement is a crossroads

Do You Remember the early years?

Things like working hard, saving for kids' college and stashing away money towards your retirement were likely among your top priorities.

Life might not have been easy then, but you had energy and time on your side.

Right now is when Everything matters...

If you're at or near retirement, you have important decisions to make... and a lot of questions that need answers, like:

  • Do you have enough saved?
  • How do you protect your money (without putting it under the mattress)?
  • ​Will you outlive your money?
  • Will you overpay in taxes?
  • How do you best take Social Security and pension?
  • How will you address future inflation on a fixed income?
  • What about rising healthcare and long term care?
  • Could an annuity possibly help (and if so, which type)?
  • How will you eventually pass the torch?

... It can all be a bit overwhelming.

You CAN be in control your own destiny. 

Yes, there is a lot at stake and very little room for error... but all you need is the right knowledge and a little guidance, which will lead to knowing what to do.


Quality expertise can be hard to find, but I'll be here for you.

And good information certainly exists... you just have to find the right places for it.

Luckily, you landed here!

Hi, I'm Reno Frazzitta.

I'm a Certified Financial Planner and a Fiduciary advisor.  My primary focus and specialty is helping people make right choices as they approach retirement and beyond.

My team and I work exclusively with people at or near retirement that have between $500K and $5MM in retirement assets.  

We help clients live in retirement with lower financial risks and a higher level of confidence utilizing The Collaborative Retirement Blueprint.

The Collaborative Retirement Blueprint

Our six-step process for helping you get past a lot of unanswered questions and to a point of more stability and predictability around your retirement is called The Collaborative Retirement Blueprint.

It's designed to help you address and overcome multiple issues, like the unique investment risks that you're especially vulnerable to during retirement, creating a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy from your qualified retirement accounts and getting a better handle around making your money last.

 As the name suggests, it's collaborative.  That means you're involved each step of the way.  And because of that involvement, you have a better understanding... and a higher level of confidence around your overall retirement. 

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