Will you have enough money in retirement?

Will you have enough money in retirement?

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7 Steps To Retiring With More Certainty, Even In A Declining Market.

Learn how to prevent Sequence of Returns risk from wreaking havoc and potentially ending your retirement.

To retire and be able to live your life in a truly abundant way... it takes knowing that your financial picture is taken care of and that you'll have enough money to last you throughout your lifetime.

If you're a Baby Boomer wanting to get your finances aligned so you can enjoy what matters most to you in retirement, there are 6 essential pillars you need to know about that are utilized by successful retirees..

The 6 Financial Pillars in Retirement

1) Realistic Goal Setting

You should have a clear vision of what you want  your retirement to look like.  It should be clearly articulated and budgeted for, and it must be realistic with the amount of income and assets you'll have available to you.

2) Enough Income

Whether it's through optimizing Social Security and pension, or generating income through investments and annuities, your income needs to be adequate to meet your needs and sustainable throughout your life.

3) Tax Efficiency

Not having a plan for tax-efficiency could have a huge impact on your retirement outcome. Things like knowing which retirement accounts to draw from first (and why) and taking advantage of a potentially lower tax-bracket could easily save you tens of thousands of dollars.

4) Investment Allocation

You should use a variety of different investment types, each accomplishing a specific purpose in your plan.  They should be efficient in terms of taxation and expenses.  And all of your investments together should be working in harmony to accomplish your overall plan.

5) Risk Management

Have you identified how market risk, inflation risk, longevity and sequence of returns risk might affect you?  
These are some of the most common threats to your retirement that have to be measured and dealt with in advance.

6) Evaluation Over Time

You need to have check points periodically over the years.  Were your assumptions realistic?  Are you still on track to meet your goals?  Have there been any changes in the markets, taxes or your life?  Any of these could be a reason to make adjustments or change course.

Having these 6 Pillars in place has allowed successful Baby Boomers to retire confidently, knowing that their money will be there for them...

So they can focus their time instead on the things that matter most:
like travel, hobbies, taking care of themselves and the people they love.

I'm Reno Frazzitta, CFP®

I help successful Baby Boomers who want to retire and ensure that they'll have enough money to last them throughout their lives.

My team and I accomplish this by helping them implement the 6 Financial Pillars in Retirement...

So they can be more confident about their finances and go about living the lives they envisioned.

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7 Steps To Retiring With More Certainty, Even In A Declining Market

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